Yagbonwura endorses Damongo as capital of Savannah region

The overlord of the Gonja Kingdom,Yagbonwura Sulemana Jakpa Tutumba I has endorsed Damongo as the ultimate choice of regional capital of the soon to be declared Savannah Region.
In a speech read on his behalf at the just ended first Post Referendum Forum held in Damongo Saturday morning,he stated without any shred of doubt that Damongo is the ultimate choice of the traditional area as regional capital for the Savannah Region despite the different views being expressed in various spheres about the subject matter.
A portion of the speech as presented by Alhaji Sadik Nyari,a land economist and former board chairman of the Lands Commission read,”We have taken cognizance of all the diverse views being expressed in the various spheres about the capital of the Savannah Region and wish to state without any hesitation that DAMONGO is our choice as the REGIONAL CAPITAL of the Savannah Region”.
The declaration of Yagbonwura settles the dust on the matter after weeks of jostling between the youth of Damongo and Salaga  for the choice of location of the regional capital.
Meanwhile,Ghanaweb’s Ananpansah B Abraham has gathered that,the people of Salaga who initially endorsed Damongo as the regional capital of the Savannah Region during the Justice Brobbeys’ Commission of Inquiry hearing are now making a U-turn and flaming the fire for the regional capital as a conduit to lobby for various regional appointments.
The Overlord hinted of an intention to send a high powered delegation to His Excellency the President to thank him for fulfilling his promise to the people of Gonjaland in the creation of the Savannah Region and appealed to the Northern Regional Minister to facilitate the trip.
He disclosed that,the  idea of requesting for a region,which dates back to a meeting held from the 18th to 19th of April, 1981,received a loud applause when it was first mooted,but little could those present then envisage the joy we have today.
He called on all well meaning Gonjalanders and technocrats to collectively think,refine ideas,formulate a feasible framework and chart a new course in order to bring the requisite development to the people of the Savannah Region.
The forum which was organized under the theme,”harnessing development potentials through unity in diversity,”had in attendance top politicians from Gonjaland,chiefs, youth groups and the media.
Government has already set up a committee to come out with development plans for the new regions after the massive unanimous endorsement received in the six areas proposed to be carved out of the 10 existing regions in the December 27,2018, referenda.
A total of 120 million Ghana cedis has also been allocated in the 2019 Budget and Economic Policy of government for the six regions as seed capital.
Each region would be given 20 million Ghana cedis for the provision of critical infrastructure to enable the new regions to take off smoothly.
With the results of the referenda being favourable,government is enjoined by Article 5(8) of the 1992 Constitution to issue a Constitutional  Instrument to give effect to the results of the referenda for the creation of the new regions.
Source: Ananpansah B Abraham


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