National Service Personnel across the nation are facing a robbery plan by the leadership of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) of Ghana. We can recall that NASPA didn’t have executives for the national level for the past two years or more, yet personnel have been paying dues to it.
Fortunately this year, the leadership of the National Service Scheme have been able to organise election and have the executives elected to lead the association. The executives of NASPA led by Mr. Philip Burberry who have been sworn into office in less than three months now, last month held a mini congress which is considered to be the highest decision making body according to the NASPA Constitution. According to a press release by the leadership of the association, a decision was taken to deduct Ghs20 for NASPA Anniversary Cloth and Ghs10 for the anniversary celebration from the accounts of each service person for the month June.
This decision has faced a stiff opposition from most personnel. This is because each service person paid dues to the association in addition to the previous (two years without national executives) unused dues which is meant to run the affairs of the association. The current leadership has just assumed office and have not held any program which could mean the association has exhausted its funds.
We have also suspected the National NASPA leadership to have a backing from the leadership of the National Service Scheme. This is because NASPA Executives don’t pay the allowances of service personnel and so they don’t have the authority and opportunity to deduct any amount from the accounts of personnel. The payment of allowances is done by NSS and any possible deductions can only be done by same. So the persistent insistence of deducting the said amount from personnel accounts by NASPA leadership is seemed to be backed by the authority of NSS.
We demand answers to the below questions;
1. How much is in the account of NASPA?

2. What is the budget for the NASPA anniversary?

3. Has the budget of the anniversary exceeded the amount in the account of NASPA?

4. Does the leadership know that the allowances of personnel are their personal properties?

5. Does the leadership know that it is only the account owner who has to authorise for any deduction to be made?

6. Does the leadership know that any deduction made without the consent or order of the personnel is tantamount to fraud and hence criminal act?

7. Who is to deduct the said amount for the association leadership?

8. Is the leadership aware that it is NASPA account that they have signatures to and have control over it and not the individual personnel’s accounts?

9. Is the leadership aware that the dues paid to the association is meant to run the programs of NASPA?
These and many more questions demand answers. We want the NASPA leadership to note that they should not rush to do things without a thorough plan about it. They should involve all districts executives, regional executives and possibly the general service personnel in decision making. If the leadership wants to print the cloth, it can contract  either individuals or corporate institutions to print it and hand it over to the association to sell so that anyone interested in the cloth will do the purchasing at his/her own will.
The association leadership should focus on building a stronger foundation for the next generation as well as taking decisions that can yield positive impact on the societies we find ourselves.
We have suspected some financial benefit to be enjoyed by the leadership of NASPA and any other person or persons or authority supporting this deduction to be made. *We thank God the President of Ghana, H. E. Nana Akufo-Addo has campaigned vigorously against corruption.* We are using this medium to call on President Nana Addo to call on the NSS Director not to heed to this unlawful act planned by NASPA executives.
It is our hope that our concern will be addressed as such and on time.
Thank you.

Gershon-Ashaiman Municipal NASPA President

Kyei Baffour

Takoradi Metro NASPA President

Obed Gaglo lanmma President

Booker Kumoji

Ga West Organiser



Enoch Adjei Mensah Jr

Tema Metro President



Frank Yirenkyi-Danso


Nuhu B. M. Samiwu

Kumasi Metro



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