Togbe-Afede – Chairman of National Of Chiefs

The annual mid-year meeting of the National House of Chiefs was held in Tamale, this being the first time it has taken place outside Kumasi.

The decision for Tamale to host the mid-year meeting was occasioned by the restored peace and stability in the region following the coronation and enskinment of the new Ya Na Abukari Mahama II.

The decision originated from the President of the National House of Chiefs Togbe Afede XIV, the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State to honor the Ya Na.

The meeting is expected to help the Ya Na formulate and develop mechanisms that will help promote and strengthen the new found peace, stability, and unity in the region as a whole and Dagbon at large.

According to the Northern Regional Minister Salifu Sa-eed, the choice of Tamale as the host region for the mid-year meeting of the national house of chiefs goes a long way to confirm and solidify the peace in the Dagbon traditional area and Northern region for that matter.

He said the concentration of the world is now on Tamale as she rises to restore her glory which was lost through decades of fighting.

He called on all traditional authorities in the region to repackage their tradition, culture, and customs to attract tourists.

It is believed that, in the past two years, Tamale the regional capital has become the most visited region in Ghana. This according to the Regional Minister is as a result of the beautiful culture and relative peace being experienced in the region.

‘The customs and traditions of Dagbon have the propensity of attracting more tourist than we record now. We can make tourism one of the backbones of the local economy of Tamale, if our culture, customs, and traditions are well packaged.’

The Northern region has in the past few months been the host of national activities, starting with the national farmer’s day.

The meeting brought together all the members of the national house of chiefs including the Yagbonwura, Nayiri, The Regent of Bimbila, Vo-Na, Sagnarigu Na, and Mion Lana.


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