Gonja, Mamprusi Land Dispute Escalates


There is tension between Gonjas and Mamprusis over land boundaries located close to Daboya in the North Gonja District of the Savannah Region.

The Wasipe Traditional Council in Gonjaland has allegedly sent a word to Mamprusis living in communities perceived to belong to Gonjas that from the 10-15th July, 2019, they would enskin Chiefs for the various communities and if the Mamprusis refuse to accept the Chiefs, “force would be applied.”

The Mamprusis youth have also indicated that they would resist any attempt by the Gonjas to enskin any Chief in their communities and that they are ready for them.

The two tribes have claimed separate ownerships of communities like Lukula, Mempeasem, Sakpegapala ,Zooyiri and others.

The Soo Naaba from the Mamprusis side has already enskinned various Chiefs for the contested communities to which the Gonjas have refused to recognize them.

The Mamprusis have alleged that the Wasipewura and his people ‘politically’ carved the communities into the North Gonja District but that does not guarantee them to claim ownership of the lands and people.

The Nayiri who is the overlord of the Mamprusis is reportedly not happy about the three months ultimatum issued to the Mamprusis living around Daboya and the fact that his people are being forced to pay homage to the Gonjas.

The Youth leader of the Mamprusis,  Mohammed Ibrahim, at a press conference in Janga said that they are tired of the numerous threats from the Gonjas and that they were ready them.

The youth leader stated that the Gonjas have said they would take the issue to court and insisted that they were ready to meet them in court to prove to them that the Mamprusis are the rightful owners of the lands.

He called on government to come out and demarcate the boundaries of the Savannah and North East regions to finally solve the issue once and for all.

He also said in the interest of peace, the government should constitute a committee to determine the rightful owners of the lands in dispute to set the records straight.

The Wasipe Traditional Council in their recent press release stated that Wasipe people have been faced with serious security challenges with the Mamprusi and some Tampulma settlers on Gonjaland.

The Yagbonwura who is the overlord of the Gonjas has not commented on the issue.



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