Fancy Gadam is the most ungrateful artiste in the North – Grandpapa


The CEO of Northern Vision Event and founder of Northern Music Awards Iddrisu Mohammed Rafik Known As AMG Grandpapa expressed his displeasure in Fancy Gadam new song titled Gwen ft IsRahim.

The song which is said to alert music lovers that some caliber of people in the music industry[therein Mr. Rafik] pretend to have money but in reality don’t have money as they use to.

In a interview with Mr. Rafik aka AMG Grandpapa, he claim to have supported Fancy Gadam from day one in his music career both in cash, advices and prayers. According to Mr. Rafik, he never bought his album CDs less than ¢500 each time he was called just because the love he has for him. His generosity to Fancy Gadam made He [Fancy Gadam] dedicate a song for him.

He again added that his award scheme was seen as incredible because Fancy Gadam took Artist of the year twice at Northern Music Awards, all because they knew how close he was to Fancy Gadam, however he doesnt know why Gadam will record a diss song. He believes that the diss song was because he came clear in an interview on NTV about Fancy when he was asked whether he will still support Fancy Gadam as he used to. In replies he said he will save his money and pay him anything time he needs the services of Fancy Gadam because he doesnt want any fight between them.

i will not support Gadam as i use to do,because i want to be saving what ever am doing to be spreading on him so that i can pay him anytime i need him, i dont want us to be fighting anytime i need him”. He replied

Mr. Rafik and Fancy beef started way back in December 2016 when he produced his first movie (The ugly game Sakawa) and asked Fancy Gadam to grace the movie premier with a performance, to his surprise Fancy Gadam charged him. He didnt understand why someone he have helped on several occasions charge him for performace when he clearly told him[Fancy Gadam] that he was cash down at the moment.

Grandpapa therefore took to his facebook timeline and wrote:

However Fancy Gadam denied that allegation on his facebook timeline.

Fancy Gadam and his team however came to apologize for their actions and later performed for free.


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