Seven female final year students of Ejisuman Senior High School in the Ashanti Region of Ghana have been expelled from their boarding status, authorities have said.

The students were reported to have engaged in activities that tarnished the image of the school.

Authorities said a pose and post on a Facebook video informed their decision.

Parts of a video which has already gone viral on social media saw the girls making pronouncements that contained sexual innuendos.

In a letter addressed to the Ashanti Regional Directorate of the Ghana Education Service on February 6, 2020, management said, “a meeting with the affected students and their parents also arrived at that decision.”

The students have also been accused of using a mobile phone – which is prohibited in basic and high schools – “to upload a video on social media where unprintable words that border on sex were spewed out.”

The school’s management also expressed concern about the use of unauthorised gadgets while in school.

The sanction, according to the school, is also to serve as deterrent to other students.

The behaviour of these students, management feels should not be “allowed to perpetuate hence this action,” the letter added.

Ejisuman Senior High School made headlines in 2018 after an investigative committee report revealed how students were sexually abused by their teachers.

Four teachers who were implicated in the act and had their appointment terminated by the Ghana Education Service (GES)

By Jonathan Ofori


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