Dagbon Youth calls on Abudu and Andani Royals to cease fire on media war



A youth group calling itself ‘Dagban Malima Zuno’ (DAMAZ) meaning Dagbon must be restored today has in a press statement copied to North Star news appealed to the Abudu and Andani Royals to desist from the media war over the performance of the final funeral rites of the two late dagbon overlords.

The statement signed by the youth group Acting Secretary, Inusah Mohammed said a successful means of getting the funerals of the two prominent kings; Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II (Andani Gate) and Naa Mahamadu Abdulai (Abudu Gate) is not by threats and media war.

Mr. Mohammed appealed to government not to allow the interest of the two royals override the interest of the masses. “We do not know whether to continue looking up to our royals or look elsewhere in finding a lasting solution to this crisis” the group wondered.

DAMAZ in the press noted that “the solution to the long protracted disputes lies absolutely in the hands of the people of Dagbon, therefore, we must all clean our hearts and minds, forgive each other and stop exposing ourselves to the outside world for further ridicule”.

The Dagbon Youth however appealed to both divides to allow cool heads to prevail, adding they will not hesitate in condemning any individual or group of persons, whose actions or inaction does not bring hope to them.

“Whiles we wish to appeal to both divides to allow cool heads to prevail, we would however not hesitate in condemning any individual or group of persons, whose actions or inaction does not bring hope to us”. “Our future is at stake and we would look forward to support any individual or group that is interested in forward movement of the Kingdom”.

The group said it will no more keep quite on issues that directly or indirectly determine their future. The statement added, “too many people have suffered and continue to suffer, we demand that for the sake of women, children, physically challenged and other vulnerable people in the society, the two royal gate at the center of this dispute should soften their stands and come to a compromise”.

DAMAZ is also calling on colleague youth to join them in uniting their fathers and secure a better future. They appreciated the increasing support from the numerous youth groups across Dagbon for seeing the need to consolidate and unite the youth front amidst the dark and charged atmosphere.

The group didn’t leave out the elite in Dagbon, they appealed to them to use their God given talent positively in their approach to what DAMAZ describe as ‘crisis’.

Mr. Inusah Mohammed in the statement made known their awareness on the many chieftaincy contractors who are ready to do anything to keep all in Dagbon in confusion as that is what put food on their table. DAMAZ however gave out a strong warning to those involved in those acts to desist from that irresponsible act. Adding it will only plunge Dagbon into crisis.

“We the youth and the good people of Dagbon would no longer be deceived by their pretense. We say enough is enough let peace rain in Dagbon”.


Source: Abubakari Sadiq/northstarfm/northalive

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