In contemporary times, advances in well-being in the world is driven by progress in the field of Mathematics and Science. Indeed, modern economies are predominately built on the dynamism amd achievements in the fields on mathematics and sciences.

The emergence of countries in the far East as dominant global forces is mostly attributed to the gains accrued through a sustained investment in mathematics and science.

Nonetheless, in most developing countries especially in Ghana and the Northern part in particular, few people pursue this field at all sectors in the educational spectrum.

Nevertheless this area has over the years produced some astute scholars and eminent scientists and mathematicians who can become role models and mentor youth to take up careers in this field.

With this background and experiences, the BREAKING THE STEM GAP IN RURAL AFRICA THROUGH ADVOCACY AND COMMUNICATION scientific conference was organized by the alumni of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Deborah Dormah Kanubala and Dorcas Attuabea Addo with financial support from Alumnode (A Network for Young Researchers which is a collaboration of Heidelberg Laureate Forum and German scholars organization with funding from Klaus Tchira Foundation).

The one day conference held on the 28th Septmeber, 2019 at the Radach conference center in Tamale brought together a total of 70 bright high school students from 7 high schools in the Northern region and experts in mathematics, Engineering and the sciences for interactive networking and mentorship session.

The conference provided students and the experts alike an opportunity to interact where students had the opportunity to ask experts questions and the experts shared tips on how they succeeded in the field.

Aside all the wonderful talks from the speakers, a career guidance session was also organized to create an awareness of the career opportunities available for those who choose to pursue careers in mathematics and sciences and help them to come up with pathways to attain such career goals.

The speakers were Alhaji Mohammed Haroon,

Former Regional Director for Ghana Education Service. Northern Region, Dr Kwara Nantomah

Head of Mathematics Department University for Development Studies,

Dr Mary-Magdalene

Lecturer, University for Development Studies, Ing.Nancy Anataba Kyorku Founders Uppa Ghana Limited and Nancy Yeri Project Officer,

Gender and Governance Department, NORSAAC


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