When you were so little,
We had dreams and we had great plans for you.
We showed you love and care.
We took you to be our only treasure.
We cared about your health and your education.

We sacrificed the little we had on you.
We sacrificed to live good examplery lives for you to follow.
We made beautiful homes for you deep inside our hearts.
We hated to see you gone bad.
We hated to see you gone mad over earthly things, but you have gone pass #run_town’s mad over you ?
We gave you protection
(sings and responsibilities of a caring family).

But Little did we know that the glittering hands of deviancy were going to be laid on you at this your thunder age of #teen
Little did we know that the tree we planted and cared for was going to bear for us, very bitter fruits.
Little did we also know that you were going to put us on a side to see you go through life without our guidance.

Hmm we never foresaw you ignoring the good advices we always gave you.
You are now seeing everything white, black and black, white.
You have left the beautiful homes they made for you in their hearts and taken the streets as your home.

You have now rewarded your mom and dad and all your relations with sorrowful certificates of discomfort, insults, hopelessness, sleepless nights and so many more.
Insults are being rained on this caring family of yours.
They can’t sleep anymore at night, always thinking of you.
Are they really deserving of these rewards?

They can’t sit among their colleagues with the usual comfort.
They are now seen walking in shame just because of the the wayward life you have chosen . Children, let’s think twice about our current lives .
To our dear parents, do not lose hope in shaping up our lives, no matter how difficult it is to do so.
Still have us, your children in your prayers, no matter how far we are from you.
It is never too late to find the lost sheep

Thank you

By Ishmael Chentiwuni Zakaria


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